Sunday, July 26, 2009

Free Money Making Website-Fast Google Cash

Most people these days are looking for ways to make additional cash from working online. The trouble is with all the scams trying to trick you into giving them your money it is hard to identify what is real and what is a scam?

I am absolutely positive that there are many legitimate money making programs online which are available for free. Heck there is probably quite a few that actually even work. The only fact is for me (two) online programs have made me real money in the bank. Believe it or not I actually watched an online video today showing how some of these so-called gurus fake their earnings thru Clickbank and Paypal. All I can say is SCARY!!!!! It is amazing what people will do to trick you into giving them your hard earned cash.

Ok so the two which have made me real money in the bank are Freesite Signup and Google Adsense. You can easily learn how to use both on this blog if you want to get started.

First off Google adsense is well known and I have other posts relating on how to use this Google program to your advantage. I will give a little insight on Free Site Signup so you know just how great this affiliate program really is.

Free site Sign-up will give you a turnkey website for free including affiliate ads which you may change at any time. You will also be able to promote free site sign-up and earn commisions of 40 to 50.00 per sale. This site come with an all inclusive package of free email ads , free videos, free text ads and every marketing tool you can imagine all free!! Last but not least by any means , you will also be able to use Google contexual ads to earn even more money, all at no cost to you.

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Make Google Money Writing On Hubpages(Easy And Fun)

If you are one of the many who are looking to start making money online and cant find a legitimate way to do it..Look no further.

There are alot of ways to make some extra money , and in some cases great money online if you know where to look. Hubpages is one of these places. If you enjoy writing , or if you are already writing articles to promote your affiliate products then you need Hubpages.

Hubpages was created to give writers and affiliates a great platform to showcase their individual abilities and opinions on products and services available on the internet.

Hubpages is set up in such a way when you write an article (Hub) it will get indexed by Google and all of the major search engines very quickly. This is in part because of the unique and very well thought out platform Hubpages uses. It also helps that Hubpages has a pr6 ranking and Google absolutely loves them.

Why not advertise your products or website here? Hubpages allows you to use tags to identify your article and make sure it is found for all relevant searches on the internet. It is by far the best website I have used to promote anything online.

Dont take my word for it , try it now... Its absolutely free and very easy to use. Once you get started you will be hooked. Did I mention it also is the best place to get started using Google adsense? If you do not have a adsense acct start here and after a few short Hubs Google almost definately will approve you. I cant say 100% but the chances for approval are very high.

This is the best opportunity that I know of to start having real success promoting an affiliate product , and at the same time making money with Google adsense.

If you are serious about making money online, you will need an acct at Hubpages. Check out one of my sample articles here and make sure you sign-up and get started making money online today(the legitimate way)

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Google Money Scam-How To Make Google Money

I have created this blog to help educate new online job seekers along with people who would like to learn how to make Google money.

In the current economic recession , alot of people have turned to the internet to try to make the extra money they need to pay bills and survive. Unfortunately the scam artists are also aware of this. So with that being said , the Google scams are out in full force.

It seems as if a new Google scam is on the internet almost daily. I am sure this is probably not absolutely true , but at the same time the scammers are out doing whatever they can to make a buck and believe me , there is nothing they will not try to take your money.

Most have heard of the ability to make money with Google , but still there are so many who fall prey to these Google scams. The promise of fast money online with little effort always proves to be an offer people have a hard time refusing. The Google scams usually come in the form of a website promoting Google profits enticing the reader with unreal monitary expectations. The kicker is all you have to do to sign-up and start making money is pay for shipping. This is where they get the unsuspecting consumer.

The charges on the credit card for the unsuspecting comsumer start to mount up very fast. The hidden charges for so-called Id protection and such will hit the consumers credit card fast and hard. Meanwhile the consumer waits to recieve the promised Google wealth program in the mail or online.

I hope to clarify just how to make Google money really works and help people avoid any and all Google scams. Please keep in mind this is not the Google you have come to know as the popular search engine. These are scam artists who put up sites using Google's name as a way to get trusting consumers to buy.

In summary , Please do not ever pay for a course advertising a way to make money with Google. You can learn how to make Google money for free.

In addition I will take it a step further and show you where and how to set up a free money making website where you can make real money as an affiliate and still use Google contexual ads to earn a living. If you would like a free money making website and learn how to use the power of Google contexual ads go here to sign up for a free website